Important Conjoint Committee Policy Statements

This resource sets out the Conjoint Committee's policy with regard to use of Hard Drive and Online Cases and Courses:

This resource provides information on the Committee's policy on the implementation of new Recertification pathways in May 2014:

Please also see full details on Recertification


This resource sets out the Conjoint Committee's policy and process for suspending CTCA registration on compassionate grounds (e.g. maternity/paternity leave, illness, sabbatical leave):

CTCA Training Requirements

In order to be recognised as a CTCA Specialist, Cardiologists, Nuclear Medicine Physicians and Radiologists will need to demonstrate that they have completed the requisite training criteria.

Please download the CTCA training requirements which outline what training and experience you need to achieve, and what evidence of this you need to provide, in order to be recognised as a CTCA Specialist.

Please   click here to download a copy of the current Guidelines.

Please click here to download a copy of the Guidelines for use during COVID-19

Conversion of Level A to Level B CTCA Specialist Recognition

Please click here for guidelines and resources for conversion of Level A to Level B CTCA Specialist recognition.

Application Resources

Application Form

Please download the Application for Recognition of Training in CTCA

To assist the assessment process, make sure you supply all the evidence requested in the application form.


The Conjoint Committee requires specific evidence of your case experience in CTCA. Please review the application form to determine the format in which to provide this evidence.


Specialists making an application must record their cases using the CTCA Certification Logbook Template_General.

Please click here for resources for CTCA Specialists.

Registered CTCA Specialists are reminded that they need to record their recertification cases in the CTCA Recertification Logbook.

The Application Process

The CTCA application process is designed to assist specialists in achieving recognition of their experience and training.

Your application will be reviewed by the Conjoint Committee secretariat in the first instance to check that it is complete. If necessary, the secretariat will contact you if they require any further information and/ or documentation.

Once complete, an expert panel will assess your application. The panel has one member from each of the three parent bodies (AANMS, CSANZ, RANZCR). If your application is successful, you will be advised of this in writing and your name will be published onto the CTCA website as either a Level A or Level B CTCA Specialist.

If one or more panel members do not approve your application, it passes to the full Conjoint Committee (9 members), who will consider your application. You may then be asked for more information, or to clarify something in your application. In total, there are three rounds of consideration open to applicants, after which you will need to reapply (for a fee of $365 incl. GST).

For more information, please contact the Conjoint Committee.